August Custom Spotlight

As the summer sun blazes on, we’re diving headfirst into a showcase of some of August’s most incredible custom creations made with Angelus Paints. With each piece unique, but just as impressive as the next, let’s look at a few of our favorite custom painted pieces from the past couple of weeks.

Custom painted Deadpool/Marvel Nike Uptempo

Deadpool/Marvel Nike Uptempo by @starlinecustoms

The grungy effects and small portrait work makes it obvious that Karl Chester knows what he’s doing when it comes to painting. The mix of hand painting and airbrushing techniques creates an array of depth and texture that really brings these customs to life and adds to that comic book/superhero feel. We love the choice of fitting the art composition to the contours of the “R” and “A” letters on the nike silhouette, making it both easy to look at and extremely wearable.

Princess Mononoke Denim Jacket by @deisydo_art made with Angelus Paints

Princess Mononoke Denim Jacket by @deisydo_art

Behold, an exquisite masterpiece emerges in the form of a hand-painted Princess Mononoke denim jacket, a wearable canvas that bridges art and fashion. Hand painted from start to finish, every stroke of Angelus Paint tells a story of wilderness, harmony, and conflict, mirroring the intricate narrative of the film. This wearable art piece not only showcases obvious artistic ability, but also encapsulates the essence of a beloved animated world, allowing you to carry the magic of Studio Ghibli wherever you venture.

Snake Tattooed Nike Dunks by @blue_soul_customs made with Angelus Paints

Snake Tattooed Nike Dunks by @blue_soul_customs

While most people apply paint with a brush, Blue Soul Customs breaks the norm by using his tattoo machine to customize sneakers. By dipping the needle into Angelus Paint and tattooing the leather, he creates ridiculously crispy and thin lines with a look that are seemingly impossible to replicate with a paintbrush. This line-work snake that is intertwined throughout the shoes panels was done by someone who obviously has both experience and a steady hand. We can’t wait to see how far he takes this avenue of painting/tattooing.

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