Customize & Restore Furniture

Whether you want a one-of-one statement piece, or that twice-passed-down couch is faded and looking rough, customizing some furniture is an amazing way to spruce up your home! While Angelus Paints are probably best known for their use in the custom shoe and accessory world, their flexible and durable nature of them makes them the perfect choice for anybody looking for a long lasting solution to painting and dying couches, chairs, tables, and pretty much anything else you have around the crib (or even a literal crib itself). Here are some awesome examples to showcase just how versatile angelus products are, and to give you some inspiration for your next custom piece.

Hand Painted Couch and Chair by Frank Anthony @kingdom_made

Custom Painted Futon and Chair by Frank Anthony (@kingdom_made)

Two amazing pieces by Frank on completely different materials. The first is a leather futon that he painted back in 2019 and has gotten plenty of use in its place in his art studio. The second is a chair he found on the side of the road a few weeks ago that he then cleaned up, painted with Angelus Paints, and coated in resin, flaunting a similar version of his signature checkered/woodgrain design. Nothing hits quite like an upcycled piece.

Hand Painted Couch by @chadcantcolor

Custom Painted Chair by Chad Cantcolor (@chadcantcolor)

Chad painted this one-of-a-kind leather chair in collaboration with us for a giveaway (sorry, it’s already over). He walked into the studio not even knowing what the chair looked like and freestyled this stunning piece that screams his unique style, Us and the new owner couldn’t be more psyched on it. A perfect example of a hand painted piece of furniture that will get compliments from every houseguest who sees it…and we can’t imagine anyone would miss it.

Upcycled Couch with Angelus Paint

Restored Leather Couch

We love getting positive feedback such as this 5 Star review by one of our customers who DIY restored their couch using Angelus Paints. The customer, Julie, mixed Tan with a little Red to match the rest of the couch that wasn’t ripped up, feathered the paint to blend it, and finished it off with our Matte Acrylic Finisher to match the sheen of the original color. You don’t have to be a seasoned artist to take on projects like this, just willingness to try something new and a free afternoon!

Looking to get crafty with your furniture? Angelus paint has got you covered. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to spruce up your home—whether it’s with a one-of-a-kind statement piece or breathing new life into aging furniture that you want to keep around — Angelus Paints are sure to help make it happen! So, grab your supplies and start creating something unique today – the only limit is your imagination!

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