Painting Pumpkins, the Angelus Way

It should come as no surprise that at Angelus if there’s an option to paint something we’re all for it and at Halloween that even applies to pumpkins. If you’re still contemplating carving pumpkins, why not try painting them for a custom look and long lasting design. A lot of the tools you use for other customs work just as well with pumpkins. Here are some painted pumpkins to give you some ideas for your Halloween crafts.

For a playful pumpkin with some undead vibes, check out this zombie jack-o-lantern in green. The first step with this pumpkin was to paint it light grey to act as a sort of primer, that way the green layer all over the pumpkin is really vivid. Then the face is painted in black and white with googly eyes and that classic jack-o-lantern, jagged mouth. Pink and red brains add a creepy touch to this zombie’s head.


Stencils are another tool that works well when creating a design around a pumpkin, like this moon and stars-themed pumpkin in black and white. Create a stencil for the moon or use some vinyl tape to tape off the moon and then cover the pumpkin in black. Once the pumpkin is dry you tape off the reverse image, especially easy if you have the reverse image from cutting out the stencil, in white. You can also leave the moon unpainted and let the pumpkin show through for an orange crescent moon. Add some gold star stickers or use star stencils in gold to finish off this spooky, night sky look.

(source: Better Homes and Gardens)

If you’re not ready to give up that jack-o-lantern glow, try combining a carved pumpkin with paint for a design that will stand out night or day. This haunted house pumpkin combines a stenciled house in black with precisely carved-out windows and a moon. When this pumpkin is lit the candle will perfectly illuminate the moon and windows, while the black of the house helps add contrast to really make the cutouts stand out. You could even use a detail knife to add shallow markings on the pumpkin, like bats or spiders, for even more scary details.

Whether you’re opting for an all-over pattern or sticking with that classic Jack Skellington face, there are so many options when it comes to crafting your own pumpkin. Think outside the traditional orange and black Halloween color palette with some bright green or avocado green. You can add some sparkle or shine with Glitterlites or Pearlescent Paint.

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