Sponsored Artist Spotlight: Tai G H

Tai G H, known as @TaiCustomKicks on Instagram, is an Angelus Direct Sponsored Artist from Slovenia. He discovered shoe art through YouTube customizers, like Sierato and Dillon Dejesus who inspired him to try it himself. He first started painting sneakers for his family, then quickly began making shoes on commission. He loves creating one-of-a-kind designs and his interest in basketball has influenced some of his favorite customs.

Part of what makes his designs so successful is knowing what part of the shoe to paint. By carefully choosing what part of each pair to use as his canvas he designs custom sneakers that give each sneaker maximum impact. Check out some of his latest work and the Angelus Direct products that made these sneakers possible.

(source: @TaiCustomKicks)

When he had the opportunity to show his work at Galerie Sakura in Paris for Sneakers Generation 2 this year he chose these intricately painted Air Force 1s that really show off his skills. A tight color palette of purple, light blue, and caramel help give this layered design a cohesive look. Keeping the rest of the sneaker white allows the side of the shoe to work as the perfect canvas.

(source: @TaiCustomKicks)

These Air Force 1s bring the drip in the form of a patterned dripping swoosh in purple, blue and green. Taking the drip effect all the way down to the midsole and adding shading gives the design even more realism. Here flat black on one half of the shoe, even the liners, helps create negative space and contrast for the rest of the shoe. Create your own version of this look by splitting your custom sneaker design in two with a two-tone look.

(source: @TaiCustomKicks)

Tai has made a series out of his lightning-themed customs in various colorways, here in a vibrant blue on these Air Jordan 1s. Lightning travels from the heel, down the eyestays to the toe, while he keeps the rest of the shoe white for added impact. A combination of airbrushing and hand-painting is key to creating this realistic lightning effect and creating the sky-like blue gradient.

(source: @TaiCustomKicks)

As a basketball fan, Tai was proud to see this pair of Air Force 1s worn at the NBA finals. These 2Hype and 100 Thieves-themed custom sneakers feature fire on one shoe in red and ice on the other in pale blue. Details like a honeycomb pattern and dripping icicles compliment the 2Hype and 100 Thieves logos. He keeps the design on the heel and upper part of the shoe while leaving the toe in black and white for a simpler design. Tai’s work proves that carefully placed designs can make or break your customs. What you don’t paint is almost as important as what you do.

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